Monday, April 13, 2009


The open minded Collective known as the AoA has apparently banned me from posting to their cesspool. Today, I tried to post to the yarn about 14 Studies, and could not. The "Send" button never operated.

Does this upset me? Nah. I feel honored.

You may post your congratulatory messages below.


  1. I went to another comupter and posted a message. No problem posting. However, the ModerationBot of the AoA Collective assimilated it, and it is now gone.

  2. :-) Congrats. They let three of my posts on but won't let me rebut the attacks. That's what blogs are for, right? No problem. I opened just for the pleasure, but it's already flagged; I'm awaiting review.

  3. Well, I joined as a follower, and have encouraged others to do so. Try to email me.

  4. The AoA crowd kicked me out of AutismOne last year because I asked a question. Then they lied about the reason for expelling me. So yeah, they are pathetic.