Friday, February 12, 2010

Wakefield,Baseball and Monkeys

In a recent post, I tried to help J B Handley find the monkeys he was so worried about finding. Actually, he was trying to promote a monkey study by Andy Wakefield, who had recently been reamed out by the GMC in the UK, and them got another thrashing when the Lancet retracted his "study" that lead to the MMR panic that resulted in thousands of preventable cases of measles and mumps, and several dead children.

Well, Andy and his henchmen had submitted that study to Journal of Neurotoxicology and were awaiting publication, which seemed to be delayed.

Now, as Orac reports, the editors of Neurotoxicology have snatched that paper out of the hopper. Whether it ever goes back in, we will have to wait and see. So...

  • GMC smackdown....STRIKE ONE!
  • Lancet retraction....STRIKE TWO!
  • Neurotoxicology retraction...STRIKE THREE!


As for JB seeing his monkey study....

JB, quick...follow the monkeys....your study is getting away....

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