Monday, December 1, 2008

Another ALTERNATIVE Contest

On Monday, December 1, 2008, Dan Olmsted posted:

"Calling all Readers! Nominations for the AOA AWARDS '08
Editor's Note: Again this year, Age of Autism will name the year's winners and warriors (and a few sinners) -- and we want your nominations. Please send them by Dec. 10 to me at [his email address]. There are several obvious categories involving people, events, publications and media moments. But true to our reader-inspired spirit here at AOA, we'll let you decide. Past winners -- who are thus ineligible though much appreciated -- include Jenny McCarthy as Person of the Year, Michelle Cedillo as Child of the Year, Ashley Reynolds as Media Person of the Year. But think creatively -- what mattered most in '08 and who or what deserves to be honored? Tell us why, too, and we'll run many of your comments, along with winners and runners-up, over the year-end holidays. (Worst moments, lousiest books, dumbest quotes also are welcome! We wouldn't want to leave anyone off-it) -- Dan Olmsted"

No, I do not expect to be nominated, except maybe for Rookie of The Year. That would be fun.

However, there are many deserving people that this blog would like to promote. Feel free to suggest.

NOTE: I would never suggest visiting AoA and nominating anyone, like EoH for lousiest book, or anything posted there for worst quote.

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