Sunday, December 7, 2008

David, check your sources....

The old saying, engage brain before shooting from the lip is excellent advise. David did not bother to, as Kevin points out here David Kirby didn’t look before he leapt.

Lisa chastised me for being hard on Kirby because he has a good resume. The problem is, that he has abandoned his resume for AoA and HuffPoop, where being anti-vaccination is more important than keeping up with the facts.

When Kirby returns to acting like a true journalist and bids AoA farewell, I will soften. Until then, in my opinion, he is no better than the anti-vac liars who operate and infest the sewer.


  1. Looks like it should be easy to slap him for incompetence. The DoD never did any autism research, only speculated on mercury's involvement in mental disorders (not autism by name) and the comment Kirby referenced is from 2005. More current research has excluded mercury as a cause. I wonder if there's a chelation therapy to remove the stupid.

  2. kirby needs to look in the basement of his Brooklyn Brownstone and find his notes from journalism school. After that, he should read them, and make an effort to return to his glory days.

  3. Kirby is a hack who long ago left journalism for the greener fields of publicity writing. As long as Handley keeps leaving $40 on the night stand, Kirby will keep hacking away.