Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Fully Loaded 10CC Syringe Award

Since this blog has been needling the AoAers, they hangers-on and their lemmings, what is more appropriate than to award them the Fully Loaded 10CC Syringe Award? The syringe is loaded with rationality and sanity, thus, the dose will be appropriate for each recipient.

Note that I use a multi-dose vial, and that it is possible for a recipient to win more than once.

The 1CC Award

So many candidates, so little time.....and the winner is...

Jim Carrey, for starring in the role of second fiddle boob to his squeeze, Jenny McCarthy.
Jimmy answered Arthur Allen's question about which vaccine could be skipped by saying that some parents are skipping the tetanus vaccine. Equally important was his claim at the Green Our Vaccines rally that he is an advocate disability but proceeded to make fun of people with when he called restless leg syndrome "lazy ass syndrome".

He has not yet proven he needs a full dose, yet.

The 2CC Award

Another difficult choice....and the winner is...

Cliff Shoemaker. The reasons are so varied, and each is a gem in it's own right. One of the most glaring was the ridiculous subpoena against Kathleen Seidel of neurodiversity fame. If you google ridiculous subpoena, the top three links are about that event. He wound up being sanctioned for his actions. Not a good day for him.

Then there is his strange billing practice, which has become so egregious that the Special Master's who are hearing these claims are willing to spend their valuable time checking his bills line by line. Cliff makes a list, and the SM's check it twice, deleting what they find that is naughty and not nice.

The 3CC Award

And the winner is....

Kim Stagliano for supporting a group that promotes autism as vaccine injury while having (correct me if I am wrong) at least one unvaccinated kid with autism.

Does anyone wonder why rational people consider AoA and their lemmings to be anti-vaccinators?

The 4CC Award

goes to Kent Heckenlively for his absolute refusal to accept the tests that show no evidence of mercury poisoning and chelating his kid for two years anyway.

This is surpassed by his amazing decision to pursue stem cell therapy with no idea of what it is supposed to do, and having his child's grandparents pay for it. What's more, he went to Central America for the therapy. Just how could he be so sure that what he pumped into his child were human stem cells?

Kent manages to demonstrate the fact that one doesn't need any understanding of science or the scientific method in order to teach science in U.S. schools.

The 5CC Award

AoA professes to be some sort of newspaper. There are two pseudo-journalists who hang out there, and occasionally post something that makes one wonder about whether they learned fact checking in journalism school.

The 5CC award goes to Dan Olmsted, for his tired efforts to retroactively cover his butt about his failure to find the Clinic For Special Children in Autism Country. I know he tried...

The 6CC Award

and the winner is....David Kirby, for his untiring efforts to post without checking his facts (when he finds some). Recently, David made two boo-boos in a three day period. At HuffPOOP, he posted an article where he imagined that the IACC meeting approved spending a couple of million dollars on vaccine research to prove the imaginary connection Autism. Strangely, no one else remembers this coming to a vote.

Kevin, at LeftBrain/Right Brain, also addressed some of Kirby's boo-boos.

The 7CC Award

Things are getting tougher to figure out who is deserving of a bigger dose. Let's face it, AoA provides so much "good stuff" that picking out the best is not an easy task.

However, the 7CC Award goes to Jenny McCarthy, who, admittedly does not post there, but, is the darling of the loonies. Jenny has done so much this year to garner this award, that it is nigh impossible for one blogger to list them all. However, some of her "accomplishments" include continuing to treat her son after she cured him of Autism, the Green Vaccine gambit, and gouging her main squeeze, Jim Carrey, for a cool $50,000,000.

I hope that Jenny adds this award to her her pathetic resume as an "actor" so that she can get her failed career back on track. Maybe if she was busy making movies, and flashing her boobs, no one would notice what a boob she really is.

The 8CC Award

This award does no go to a person, but to AoA itself for their practice of using Autistic children and their willingness to tolerate any parent turning their child into a lab rat to promote their false ideas.

The 9CC Award

goes to J. B. Handley. Who else has promoted the AoA party line, used offensive tactics such as threatening litigation, "outing", flooding emails and other disgusting tactics to feebly attempt to silence those who disagree with him. Handley has lead the charge to attempt to discredit Paul Offit, M.D., impliedly asked his lemmings, the AoA faithful to attack Amanda Peet by contacting her publicists and others, and has outed posters with whom he disagrees.

Being obnoxious appears to be his labor of love, and he labors long and hard. He would deserve a larger award.

The Fully Loaded 10CC Syringe Award

goes to none other than the AoA lemmings, their incredibly credulous commenters who will believe anything the AoA Junta claims to be true.

These lemmings are of great concern to me, as their utter lack of critical thinking skills, lack of basic scientific understanding, and their astounding willingness to abuse their children by having the kids undergo one after another useless treatments clearly justifies their being presented this award.

And, there you have it. Ten awards for AoA, which can now claim to be the most award winning blog in the blogosphere. Hmmm...the only thing I do not have is a cute little graphic for the award.

Just to "tease" my loyal and faithful readership, I will, during the next year, periodically award a "booster shot" from the same, multi-dose vial, when I see that AoAers are slipping. Does anyone know of a large warehouse where I can store a multi-gallon vial?


  1. A perfect storm of woo stupid. Nicely done!

  2. Nice.

    Also important typo correction: Under Olmsted's 5cc award, you say "Autism Country" when I think you probably meant "Amish Country."

  3. Hi

    Thanks for an amusing rundown of all the GOOD guys and gals that are working to expose the cause of autism.

    Putting mercury, a brain destroying chemical into vaccines is not a good thing to do and many countries except USA actually ban such a practice with the result that autism if present is at least TEN times less than in the USA.

    These people all believe you should NOT expose people to mercury laden vaccines, so your suggestion to INJECT them with mercury and so destroy their brain cells is macabre. Is it the same macabre that makes you believe you should force the same mercury into foetuses or one day old babies who haven't the chemical knowledge I have to know ONE vaccine can kill them in 6 hours let alone after receiving up to 10 at a time.

    Harry Clark 8 weeks SHOT up with mercury injections and dead after 6 hours. Result mother got double life for his MURDER. RIP Harry.

    You are not alone in this Age of Ignorance.

  4. When mercury was discontinued, no drop in autism was found. Care to try another idea?

    The causes of Autism are under investigation by SCIENTISTS all over the world. In time, real treatments will be available. Purveyors of woo tricking gullible and stupid people into NOT vaccinating or trying ridiculous, expensive and dangerous treatments without a shred of scientific backing should be arrested. They should also bear the cost of epidemics caused by un-vaccinated kids.

  5. Quickie, they are NOT the good guys. They have misled the lemmings into abandoning reason and science to believe in the wild wacky world of woo.

    But, you are right, we are not alone in the Age of Ignorance, as evidenced by the ignornace that AoA promotes, and the lemmings consume.

    American education should be ashamed of itself.

  6. "American education should be ashamed of itself."

    Yes, it should be. It produced idiots like you people. Drink any Kool-aid lately?