Tuesday, January 27, 2009


In a recent article posted on the AoA site, The Exalted One, gives lessons on how to vomit. He uses this to feebly attempt to discredit a study where the results do not neatly fit into his preconceived ideas.

I do defer to him as he is the Blogosphere's leading expert on vomit. He, and his lemmings do provide quite a bit of it.

One can always visit the AoA website and get their daily dose of vomit.

(NOTE: Come to think of it, I could have named this blog the Age-Of-Vomit since it discusses AoA.)


  1. They get their daily dose of vomit from dealing with fuckwits like you.

  2. Nun, I am pleased that you posted something that absolutely proves my point.

    The only error I made was thinking it would take longer.

    BTW, what is a "fuckwit"?

  3. One of the lemmings posted:

    Kelli Ann Davis' comment--

    " Hey wait a minute! Didn't that "other study" (Think: Two Fake Big'Uns) originate with the Italians too??

    Wow. Two crap studies coming from Italy in one month. Maybe they should just stick with what they know best: canal boat rides, spaghetti, pizza, etc."

    WOW! Why not offend an entire country? There are many Italian-Americans who are also offendable. I sure hope the various families do not get wind of this.

  4. Yeah, Kelly Ann could end up with a horse head on her blankey.

  5. What is a fuckwit?

    From the online Slang Dictionary:
    "an unintelligent person; MORON, DIM-WIT; IDIOT. See also Mark Probert, Ken Reibel, David Gorski."

  6. Nun, I allowed one of your posts with vulgarity through. There will not be a next time.

    As for your comment, I will take that as a compliment, since you said it. I believe that the others will do the same.

    Obviously, you cannot stand to be disagreed with. Allow me to suggest building a bridge and getting over yourself.