Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The AoA Drones

Although young Joke Crosby is despicable enough, the drones and sicko-phants are worse. Except for one: Craig Willoughby. He has a shred of logic left, and has not as yet been fully assimilated by the AoA Collective. Willigoughby states:

Come on, guys. I despise Dorkski as much as the rest of you, but is it necessary to post information about his place of employment? I know he's a megalomoniacal douche-bag, but calling his place of work to try to get him fired is petty, people. That's bringing yourselves down to his level.

Posted by: Craig Willoughby | June 21, 2010 at 05:40 PM

Craig, that is really nice of you. You waded into a minefield of morons where anyone disagreeing is virulently attacked.

Of course, Craig, it is your behavior, coupled with that of the former journalists who manage the AoA Collective, and the head drone, JB, who have created the atmosphere by which disgusting things like this can happen.

Craig, before you are fully assimilated, use those remaining grey cells to examine your behavior and perhaps you may see the error of your ways.

And, you claim that bloggers, et al call CPS. A tad of proof of that is warranted.

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  1. keep up the great work against the AoA empire & there related friends like GR etc,you have my support against these haters who also hate ppl with Autism as well! unless your a so called "cured" Autistic or traitor to the Autistic movement like Crosby & friends...