Monday, June 21, 2010

The Boy Wonder at the Collective Reaches a New Low

Joke Crosby, a student of history and medical policy at Brandeis University posted one of the most despicable and scurrilous trashings of a blogger I have ever read. Of course, the Al Quaida of Autism Blog hosts his garbage.

Joke trashed Dr. David Gorski with distortions, lies and manufactured ideas. I had trouble reading it, and, of course, the commenters made Joke looked mild. They posted details of Dr. Gorski's practice, and the people with whom he works. He is a surgeon-scientist specializing in breast cancer.

What Joke is too young (stupid?) to realize is that this diatribe on his part is a de facto admission that he cannot win an argument on the merits.

I am asking all the loyal readers to express their revulsion at this attack. Post comments, as many as you feel necessary, to get your point across at the Al Quaida of Autism blog. Since they censor contrary opinions, please feel free to also post your comments here.

You could also suggest this on any other blogs you may read. The editors of AoA have way too much time on their hands, and Joke is off for the summer, and needs to spend some quality time with a thought.

Remember, do not hold back. Express yourselves early and, most importantly, often.

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  1. I'd say this is about equal to Crosby's attack on me (and Kevin Leitch) back in April. I have advised Dan Olmsted of the wisdom of making both disappear.