Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Suppository of Ignorance

Not on the same par as AoA, so far, but this blog that calls itself Child Health Safety, is headed in that direction.

I posted in the thread using my Nom-de-Blog, FreeSpeaker, and was promptly outed by the blogger, since he posted my real name, which is no big secret.

I then posted a response, citing s/h/it's antics, and that post was removed.

I was responding to s/h/its comments:

ED: What a pile of drivel. So it looks like you are expecting the UK's GMC to acquit him. And just like The Sunday Glaxo you want to start all sorts of new unfounded accusations to keep the MMR controversy running forever? Smart move.

So when are you going to start accusing CHS of lying? Bowditch can hardly ever write a sentence without accusing people of lying and you normally do much the same.

Looks like someone eise is desperate that they thought sending in you two characters might be worth doing.]
He was responding to my comment:

Let’s see…you make a claim that the PCC ordered Deer to removethe articles, and, Peter Bowditch says that the PCC website does not mention it. Then, you personally attack Pter Bowditch. Sounds like you are desperate.

As for Wakefield, the testimony during the Omnibus hearings should be use to indict him for gross negligence, willful harming of children and being a lying quack in the first degree. I read the entire transcript, every single word, and listened to much of the testimony. The experts submitted by the government destroyed any pretense of objectivity and competence that Wakefield may pretend to have.
Clearly, this blogger does not have a clue as too truth or logic. Another woefully blinded supporter of Wakefield.

Now, here is a serious question...Does anyone know what Wakefield is doing behind closed doors at Thoughtful House in Austin, Texas? He does not have a license to practice medicine anywhere in the US, and hopefully, will not have one in the UK soon.

Oh, and I expect the UK's GMC not to acquit Wakefield, but to strip him of his license and publicly tar and feather him. This is Britain, you know. :)


I went back to this suppository of ignorance and found that yet, again, another response of mine was deleted. Thus, I wrote:

This is fast becoming a bastion of censorship. Now I have had two posts censored.
However, the purely ad hominem attack on Peter Bowditch remains, and the drivel from John Stone, where he tortures logic and twists the facts to blame The Times and Brian Deer, when it was the duplicitous Wakefield who broke the gentlemen's agreement, remains intact.

Yes, this blog has become another suppository of censorship, run by a pro-infectious disease merchant of disability amd death.
What are these people so damn afraid of? Why can't they engage in discussion?