Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Jake's on You

In a very feeble attempt at mimicking Paul Offit's upcoming blockbuster, which will out sell the Age of Autism fictional history book, Joke Crosby, the Bouy Wonder of the AoA Collective, has published an article today which is, as usual, just poorly researched and bereft of logic.

I thought that a comment was appropriate, and I left it for Jake to moderate. IOW, I do not expect to see it ever again.

If Jake reads this, let me give him some advice:
  1. Spend more time studying
  2. Spend some time trying to find some young ladies to keep you company.
  3. Take a course in logic.
  4. Get a clue.
Jake, one day you will be looking for a real job within your major. If they find your posts, you will be among the chronically underemployed.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The AoA Drones

Although young Joke Crosby is despicable enough, the drones and sicko-phants are worse. Except for one: Craig Willoughby. He has a shred of logic left, and has not as yet been fully assimilated by the AoA Collective. Willigoughby states:

Come on, guys. I despise Dorkski as much as the rest of you, but is it necessary to post information about his place of employment? I know he's a megalomoniacal douche-bag, but calling his place of work to try to get him fired is petty, people. That's bringing yourselves down to his level.

Posted by: Craig Willoughby | June 21, 2010 at 05:40 PM

Craig, that is really nice of you. You waded into a minefield of morons where anyone disagreeing is virulently attacked.

Of course, Craig, it is your behavior, coupled with that of the former journalists who manage the AoA Collective, and the head drone, JB, who have created the atmosphere by which disgusting things like this can happen.

Craig, before you are fully assimilated, use those remaining grey cells to examine your behavior and perhaps you may see the error of your ways.

And, you claim that bloggers, et al call CPS. A tad of proof of that is warranted.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Boy Wonder at the Collective Reaches a New Low

Joke Crosby, a student of history and medical policy at Brandeis University posted one of the most despicable and scurrilous trashings of a blogger I have ever read. Of course, the Al Quaida of Autism Blog hosts his garbage.

Joke trashed Dr. David Gorski with distortions, lies and manufactured ideas. I had trouble reading it, and, of course, the commenters made Joke looked mild. They posted details of Dr. Gorski's practice, and the people with whom he works. He is a surgeon-scientist specializing in breast cancer.

What Joke is too young (stupid?) to realize is that this diatribe on his part is a de facto admission that he cannot win an argument on the merits.

I am asking all the loyal readers to express their revulsion at this attack. Post comments, as many as you feel necessary, to get your point across at the Al Quaida of Autism blog. Since they censor contrary opinions, please feel free to also post your comments here.

You could also suggest this on any other blogs you may read. The editors of AoA have way too much time on their hands, and Joke is off for the summer, and needs to spend some quality time with a thought.

Remember, do not hold back. Express yourselves early and, most importantly, often.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Why They Really Do Not Care About Y O U!

What has always impressed me is that, in other venues, parents raise concerns about everything but a cure. They seem to be always looking for better education opportunities, for strategies to help them wend their way through the special education minefield, and, for help paying for their child's special needs and the extra-ordinary costs they have because they have a special child.

During the Obama transition, I read several blogs where people were encouraged to raise their issues, and, the autism parents did. They mentioned how health insurance refuses to pay for science based treatments because Autism is considered to be a pre-existing condition. They mentioned how hard it is to get respite care, for themselves and their child. They mentioned so many things, except, finding a "cure" or a cause of Autism. These are the parents who are truly hurting for their kids. Read more...

What continually amazes me is that these parents are uniformly ignored by the likes of JB Handley, Jenny McCarthy, Dan Olmsted, David Kirby, Katie Wright, and the other pied pipers of the AoA/Anti-Vaccination collective. How often is there a blog article about these issues?

What we do know is that Mr. Handley is rich and wrong about just about everything. I've been wondering how much rich plays into this. Handley, the Wrights, Jenny McCarthy--none of them have to think about whether their child will attend a good school, get good therapies and, most of all, whether they will be cared for after their parents are gone. These families are wealthy, and they have taken care of these issues.

To the best of my knowledge, Olmsted and Kirby (who is now pursuing BigFarma) do not have children or family affected by Autism.

Clearly, they are all out of touch with the rank and file of parents, and seem to have zero incentive to advocate for anything really worthwhile for autistic kids or adults.

Does anyone think that they could care less if public schools had better special education classes or if there were programs for autistic (and other disabled) adults to help them live at something above the poverty level? This will not impact their children (unless they lose their fortune in the next collapse) and they seem to be just too narcissistic to care about anyone else.

I wonder what they will do when their child who will still be autistic reaches adulthood. I strongly suspect that they will be quietly placed in an institution or "home" somewhere out of sight.

What seems to aggravate people like Handley, et al, the most is that their child being autistic is - for many of them - is the first problem they've ever encountered that couldn't be solved by money. I would wager that they have hired help at home. Someone to help provide for day-to-day services for their children.

That is not to say that all wealthy people are like this. I personally know one family, who was wealthy before George (Washington, not Bush) was president. They give, and they advocate in more ways than one.

In addition, some of them (JB, for instance) seem equate wealth with high intelligence precisely BECAUSE they are so rich. Has he actually said this? No. However, reading between the lines, and observing his actions, have led me to believe this.

Some of them, notably JB, have repeatedly denigrated real scientists - ALL of whom know more about autism, mercury, vaccines, medicine, biology, chemistry, etc. - than he does (or ever will). They calls them "stupid", pharmashill, or worse. When pressed, their arguments always devolves into some form of "I'm filthy rich and they aren't, so I MUST be smarter than they are."

Of course, it never occurs to these rich people that they GOT that way largely by chance - by birth (the ultimate random event) or by making the right bet in business, stocks, etc. Years ago, I heard a comment about some spoiled rich kid. The person mentioned that the kid was lucky because his father was born before him. When his father died, he took over the business, and ran it into bankruptcy in short order.

With this mindset, all they have left is to want a cure to rid themselves of the inconvenience of having a special needs child.

One other point. The vitriol aimed at some of the scientists and physicians is intense. However, if you, as they say, "follow the money" you will see that the level of bile that these people spill out is directly proportional to the money these scientists have made. This explains why JB, et al, have always made Dr. Paul Offit their number one target. To them, Dr. Offit had the unmitigated nerve of making a lot of money, and then still caring about all children, even autistic ones.

When they will finally "get it" perhaps some of the families who are truly under an onerous task of raising a special child will get help. Until then, the cloud is as dark as the ash cloud from the volcano no one can type or pronounce.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

AoA Planning Meeting

A tape of a recent clandestine meeting of the AoA Collective has surfaced. No further comment is needed.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where Are They?

LeftBrainRightBrain picked up on a very serious story, i.e. the United States Department of Justice has instituted an investigation of the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) use of aversives, specifically electrical shock, to control the behavior of special needs children. Major kudos to LB/RB for bringing this to the attention of the blogosphere.

In a comment Mike Stanton raises the question of where the advocacy organizations are on this issue. The letter that prompted the investigation is signed by 30 groups. 30? Why not hundreds? There are many more advocacy groups that 30.

Think about this for a moment. Our troops in Iraq could not use these aversive devices against prisoners at Abu Graib, since it would be torture. We cannot use them at Gitmo, for the same reason.

Where are the bloggers who are speaking out on this issue? Why the silence?

I specfically wonder where AoA is? This is an issue where ALL "sides" in the Autism debate should be able to agree.

Where is David Kirby? Promoting his new book?

Where is Dan Olmsted? Looking for the JRC in Florida?

Do not remain silent.

Why is JB Handley so silent? (Hint: He is defend Jenny on the Time Magazine website).


Speak Up!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wakefield,Baseball and Monkeys

In a recent post, I tried to help J B Handley find the monkeys he was so worried about finding. Actually, he was trying to promote a monkey study by Andy Wakefield, who had recently been reamed out by the GMC in the UK, and them got another thrashing when the Lancet retracted his "study" that lead to the MMR panic that resulted in thousands of preventable cases of measles and mumps, and several dead children.

Well, Andy and his henchmen had submitted that study to Journal of Neurotoxicology and were awaiting publication, which seemed to be delayed.

Now, as Orac reports, the editors of Neurotoxicology have snatched that paper out of the hopper. Whether it ever goes back in, we will have to wait and see. So...

  • GMC smackdown....STRIKE ONE!
  • Lancet retraction....STRIKE TWO!
  • Neurotoxicology retraction...STRIKE THREE!


As for JB seeing his monkey study....

JB, quick...follow the monkeys....your study is getting away....