Friday, November 28, 2008


On November 28, 2008 A of A announced a Contest:

"T-shirt Tagline

We're designing Age of Autism t-shirts and you're invited to submit your idea(s) for the tagline. We're looking for a pithy, "so that's what they're all about" sentence to run under our logo. Submit your ideas in the comments section. Have fun. Be creative. (But remember, your kids will read the t-shirt too.) We'll announce the winner in a couple of days."

Well, what a great idea. What is AoA all about? Let's run a contest of our own. Assume that AoA would use the most factually accurate entry, not one that promotes what they promote, and leave it in your comments.

In all fairness, I must tell you that the prize is the joy of writing. Nothing more. Nothing less. And, of course, it will be published.

Monday, November 24, 2008

They Got Kirby & AoA In Their Sights

On November 21, 2008, AoA published this letter. It seems that AoA and David Kirby are in the sights of some very annoyed people. Here is the letter that got AoA into a group thermonuclear wedgie (as reported on the AoA site):

September 24, 2008

Congressperson Carolyn Maloney
1651 3 Avenue, Suite 31
New York, NY 101 28-3679

Dear Congressperson Maloney

We are concerned about misinformation you may have heard at a recent briefing presenting the non-scientific, irrational proposals espoused by David Kirby, and the Age of Autism with regard to a supposed link between autism and vaccines. Vaccines save lives. Study after study has shown absolutely no link between vaccines and autism.

As pediatricians, teachers, nurses, child care providers and parents across New York State and in your District, we are very aware of the struggles that the families of children with autism face and the challenges that test the children themselves. In your position as a political leader, it is important that you have the information you need to support the science, the research and the continued work toward identifyirg the causes, triggers and evidence based treatment for children with autism and autism spectrum disorders.

All of the research, including the most recent and exhaustive study done by the Columbia University School of Public Health, has proven no link between vaccines and autism. And yet a few people, some of whom are making a great deal of money from the suffering and false hope of frightened parents, continue to beat the drum for this discredited position. Many others offer dangerous and unscientific approaches to "cures."

We urge you to stand with us against the forces working to bring irrational fears and "junk science" into the world of children's health. As you know, immunizationasre one of our greatest public health victories along with clean water.

Childhood diseases that can kill and maim our children are just a plane ride away, and yet the anti-immunization groups continue to push for less and less protection for our children. Just this year the Centers for Disease Control reported the largest outbreak of measles in decades. New York was one of the states that experienced a significant outbreak of serious disease. You might also be interested in knowing that the measles that was imported into the US came, not from the third world, but from Europe and from Israel: Developed areas that are experiencing significant outbreaks of disease due to weak public health policy.

We highly recommend that you read Dr. Paul Offit's recent, very well reviewed book, Autism's False Prophets. We have included a review from The Wall Street Journal and an editorial from the New York Times.

We will be contacting your local District Office to schedule a time to come in and talk with you about this very important issue. We know you want to work with us to help protect the children of New York and the children across the country.


Elie Ward, MSW
Co-Chair, NYS Immunization Coalition

Enclosures (2)

240 Washington Ave. Ext. Suite 505
Albany, NY 12203

Phone: 5181456-0951
Fax: 518/456-8573

420 Lakeville Road Suite 244
Lake Success, NY 11042

Phone: 516-326-0310
Fax: 516-326-0316

WOW! Real scientists. Now I know why the AoAers are worried. Congresswoman Maloney may actually get an education. She sure needs one in this regard. Perhaps she should spend a bit of time at some of the excellent medical and educational facilities in and around her district. If she does, maybe she'll get on board to expand the availability of high quality services to all families of special children, regardless of disability.


On November 24, 2008, Davey posted a letter he sent to David T. Tayloe, Jr., MD, FAAP President, American Academy of Pediatrics demanding a response. Seems he was a bit upset at having his presentation to some congresscritters referred to as ""misinformation” as well as “unscientific, irrational proposals” to staff members of more than 90 House and Senate offices, as well as two US Representatives who were in the room.

The letter also accuses “a few people, some of whom are making a great deal of money from the suffering and false hope of frightened parents,” of continuing to “beat the drum for this discredited position.” "

True to form the A-MEN Chorus of anti-vaccinators at AoA hooted and howled.

Elie Ward's letter to Rep. Maloney attacking you and Age of Autism is proof once again that if you can't discredit your oponent's claims, you slam their character. These are truly desperate times. I'm sure Maloney's far too informed to listen to them. It's amazing that they even try.

Anne Dachel Media editor
Posted by: Anne Dachel November 24, 2008 at 09:39 AM
Dear Ms. Dachel:

You comment just destroyed a brand new hypocrisy meter. If any blog or persons are guilty of character slamming as you call it, it is the cesspool of AoA. Your "writers" have posted diatribes about Orac, Dr. Offit, et al.

If one looks objectively at the history of AoA, as I have, one can only conlcude that "personal slamming" is the reason for your existence.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Too Little, Too Late?

The critters at AoA love to claim that they are not anti-vaccinators. Anyone with an open mind, and a reading comprehension level above first grade, know otherwise. Their mantra includes "Green our Vaccines", "Too Many Too Soon", "Safer Vaccines" ad nauseum, and they chant it every chance they get.

Like the Lone Ranger appearing just in the nick of time. Mark Crislip shows up on the horizon of knowledge, and writes The Infection Schedule versus the Vaccination Schedule over at Science Blogs (one of the best sites in the blogosphere).

There, Dr. Crislip explains just why the anti-vaccinators are passing flatulence when they claim "Too Many, Too Soon" and why Paul Offit, M.D. was right on the money when he made the claim that a child can handle 10,000 vaccines. And, of course, he explains why getting the dieases is far worse that getting vaccinated, even assuming that "Too Many, Too Soon" has some degree of medical validity:

From the data I can find, compared to the vaccines, the diseases lead to far more exposure to both antigens and organisms. If the alleged ill effects of the vaccine are due to too many antigens, or too much antigens, or too frequent antigens, the diseases should be far worse than the vaccine in causing autism and autoimmune diseases. Unless, of course, the effects of the vaccines follow the principals of homeopathy: the less the exposure, the greater the effects.
For the reading comprehenion impaired lemmings from AoA, that means that getting dieases exposes the body to farm more antigens than the vaccines do. He makes this most excellent, and fully supported by his article, analogy:

No matter how you slice it, the vaccine schedule represents a miniscule exposure to antigens and organims compared to what people encounter as part of life. Worrying about the exposure from the vaccine schedule is like worrying about a thimble of water getting you wet when you are swimming in an ocean.
Now, when anyone bleats and brays "Too Many, Too Soon" it is fair to tell them to jump in the ocean.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Compensation Is Not A Synonym For "Give It Away"

On November 21, 2008 Barbara Loe Fisher uttered:

Vaccine Injury Compensation: A Failed Experiment in Tort Reform?

Managing Editor's Note: Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccination MIS-Information Center spoke in front of the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines last Tuesday.

Blah, blah, blah about the history of the VIC program.

During its two-decade history, two out of three individuals applying for federal vaccine injury compensation have been turned away empty-handed even though to date $1.8B has been awarded to more than 2,200 plaintiff's out of some 12,000 who have applied. Today, nearly 5,000 vaccine injury claims are sitting in limbo because they represent children, who suffered brain and immune system dysfunction after vaccination but have been diagnosed with regressive autism, which is not recognized by the program as a compensable event. There is $2.7B sitting in the Trust Fund which could have been awarded to vaccine victims.

Dear Barbie:

The title of the program is "Vaccine Injury Compensation" not "give it away to anyone who comes up with a nutty theory" of why they should get some bucks. Those people who were validly injured by vaccines were compensated. Those who were not, were denied compensation.

Since the level of proof is so low, it is obvious that since they were turned away, they did not have a reasonably supported claim.

Imagine if the utterly rotten and bogus "science" of Andy Wakefield was the basis for a few thousand claims. Prof. Bustin recently ripped Andy a new one, on his use of the lousy "science" to cause the fear mongering in England where kids have died. Prof. Bustin recently published RT-qPCR and Molecular Diagnostics: No Evidence for Measles Virus in the GI Tract of Autistic Children, where he said:

"Astonishingly, there is no attempt to retract the original report, and the admission that these results are in direct contradiction of the previously reported ones are thoroughly disingenuous"
Disingenuous? Is that the word that REAL academic scientists use when they cannot spell intellectually bankrupt? I think it is.

Imagine how many incorrect payments would be made if Wakefield were accepted. I suggest that all of the MMR claims in the Omnibus are doomed.

Yes, Barbie, the system is working, just as it was intended.

P. S. Why are you anti-vaccinators still leading people into false beliefs?

Shame on you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

JBullying #1

On November 18, 2008 J.B. Handley posted his foot-stomping, whining tantrum under the heading "Paul Offit's Lies: I got me a lawyer".

It seems that J.B. has a thermonuclear wedgie caused by an alleged "lie" in Paul Offit's recent, and most excellent, book, Autism's False Prophets. J.B. claims that Dr. Offit tried to make him look bad.

"There's probably not a lawyer on the planet who wouldn't agree that blogging publicly about a legal proceeding is a bad idea. And, they’d probably be right.But, Paul Offit is a lying jerk and offends our entire community, so I wanted to bring you along for the ride. Consider this my "public legal journal."Moreover, I have nothing to hide. Offit lied blatantly in his book, and I'd like a little justice.
J.B. claims "it" was a lie. It appears from the opening paragraph of this diatribe that J.B. cannot possibly conceptualize the idea that Dr. Offit may have merely made a mistake. No, to J.B. it has got to be a lie. Nothing else will do.

He did it to try and make me look bad. I think he succeeded, and he had to lie to make it happen. That makes me unhappy.
J.B., let me be the first to break it to you...and I know this may disappoint you, NO ONE has to try to make you look bad. NO ONE.

You are quite capable of doing that all by your little old self. You do that by your bullying and your whiny threats of litigation whenever someone criticizes your antics. You do that by your use of bad logic and poor science.

By the way, J. B. why didn't you point out what the egregious actions of Dr. Offit are? What did he say that was a lie? All you need to prove your so far baseless allegation is to point this out. Are you afraid you would look like a fool if you did?

And, it's a pattern from him that we have seen for a long time on many issues related to vaccines and autism. Someone needs to stand up to this jerk, and I'm happy to do it. As you may have figured out, it's not often I back down from a fight.
You are the big tough guy. You neither walk softly, nor carry a small stick. Reminds me of another "leader" who we'll be rid of in two more months.

Anyway, I found me a great attorney who eats nails for breakfast and believes in truth. He'll remain nameless for now because he didn't sign up to be part of this public journal, but here's a copy of the letter we sent, certified mail, to Dr. Proffit himself and Columbia University Press:Paul A. Offit, M.D.c/o Columbia University Press61 West 62nd StreetNew York, NY 10023Re: Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure by Paul A. Offit, M.D.Gentlemen:I represent J.B. Handley, who is referred in the book Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure. The conversation reported at page 143 of the book never occurred. The writing that the author refers to was in a different time and place.
Oh, so Dr. Offit made a MISTAKE! However, in a narrow mind, it just has to be a lie to make you look bad (see above). He said something in one context that you feel makes you look bad. Hmmm...if he has said the same thing in the proper context, would that have made you look bad? Somehow, because you refuse to post it, I believe it would make you look bad in any context. Just my opinion, mind you, but, you offer no proof to the contrary.

When a book such as this is published, it is carefully reviewed by the publisher, often by their lawyers, and it then goes to press. What makes J.B "think" that this process was not followed, especially since this publisher is no fool?

The creation of that conversation and the juxtaposition of that conversation with Mr. Handley's writing are false, libelous and damaging.Within ten days you must advise me that the author will write a written apology to Mr. Handley and that you will take out all reference to that conversation in any future printings, or we will explore our legal alternative.
So, you want an apology. Hmmm...I'll save Dr. Offit's lawyers the trouble of composing one (giving J.B. the benefit of the doubt).

Dear Mr. Handley:

I made a mistake. It will be fixed in the subsequent printings, as accuracy is important to me.

You are still a false prophet.


I think that covers it quite well.
First shot fired. As we all know, the right thing to do is to apologize and make the change to the book. Offit lied. He screwed up in trying a little too hard to make me look bad. He completely fictionalized an exchange that never happened. And, I can prove it. If he does me that simple justice, I'll move on, even though I think damaging my reputation should include compensation.

Again, could he have just been mistaken, you know, an honest error? Nah, that would not suit J.B.'s purpose.

As for compensation, that would require 1) that there was damage to J.B.'s reputation, and 2) that he has a reputation of worth.

OK. I'll toss in the first $0.25 for the dollar.

Oh, and did I mention I found the Rescue Angel mom? The one who was getting mudslinged and prompted my post at EOH that Offit fictionalized into an exchange with Kathleen Seidel? Well, I did. She read my last post, and she found me. The power of AoA!
The power of AoA is merely olfactory. However, I do expect that J.B. will focus on Kathleen in the near future, since J.B. cannot handle any criticism what-so-ever. I find that to be a sure sign of intellectual bankruptcy.

Did I also mention I already got the response from Offit's lawyer to the above letter? I did. And, it's a doozy. It wasn't very polite nor was it an offer to do the right thing. I will be printing the whole letter from Offit's attorney on AoA next week. Stay tuned.
It is a doozy? The entire blogosphere is waiting and holding their breaths (prevents olfactory offense from reading AoA).

There will be more articles on the bullying tactics used by the AoAers.

Who is the PharmaShill????

On November 19, 2008 AoA has this INFOMERCIAL from one of their main monetary supporters:

Lee Silsby Introduces Enhansa Curcumin Supplement for Autism
Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy, the leader in custom compounded medications for autism, announces its newest product, Enhansa, Enhanced Absorption Curcumin Supplement. Curcumin is the principal curcuminoid found in the popular Indian spice turmeric. Enhansa was created by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy. To date, several hundred patients on the spectrum are using Enhansa. Current product order rates indicate a high level of both patient and physician satisfaction.

Now, what were they saying about being a PharmaShill? Where is the science to support this chemical concoction?

And, of course, the logical fallacies abound.

News flash! Just in!

It seems that there will be a problem at AoA. Their love affair with high profile media types (you know who they are) may be over.

Jenny, et al, seem to have fled the cesspool, for another one.

Could this be the classic case of rats leaving a sinking ship. We should be so lucky. what about the WWE endorsement?

Monday, November 17, 2008

David Kirby...your mission...if you decide to accept it...

Mr. Kirby has wirtten an article on the Huffington Post, a suppository of anti-vaccination fear mongering, that he references on the AoA blog. It concers autism among Somali children in Minnesota.

His "...reporter's instinct told ...[him] it could be a very big story...". It may well be. Now that he has identified such a story, he must take his investigative journalist skills and head off to Somalia to see if he can "...demonstrate[d] that US-born children of Somali refugees are more prone to autism than the other kids of ... Somalia...".

This should not be too difficult for an investigative reporter of Mr. Kirby's skills. If it is, then he can always call on his henchman, Dany Olmsted, ace investigative reporter who could not find the Clinic For Special Children in Amsih Country, along with him.

And, Mr. Kirby is right. If Somali children have the same incidence of autism in Somalia as they do here, it will mean that there is nothing out of the ordinary for them in the US.

Let's make sure that Mr. Kirby is properly equipped for such a journey, a quest for knowledge. First, he needs a packet of pencils to enter data in his Ace Reporter notebook. (Pencils are recommended, to allow for ewasy adjusting or data if the facts do not fit.) OK, that's it for his reporter's equipment.

Next, and possibly more important, he'll need some personal protection. No, I do not mean underarm deodorant. I mean vaccinations. Here is what the CDC recommends:

Vaccination or Disease
Recommendations or Requirements for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Recommended if you are not up-to-date with routine shots such as, measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus (DPT) vaccine, poliovirus vaccine, etc.

Yellow Fever
CDC yellow fever vaccination recommendation for travelers to Somalia: For all travelers >9 months of age Somalia requires travelers arriving from countries where yellow fever is present to present proof of yellow fever vaccination. Vaccination should be given 10 days before travel and at 10 year intervals if there is on-going risk.

Hepatitis A or immune globulin (IG)
Recommended for all unvaccinated people traveling to or working in countries with an intermediate or high level of hepatitis A virus infection (see map) where exposure might occur through food or water. Cases of travel-related hepatitis A can also occur in travelers to developing countries with "standard" tourist itineraries, accommodations, and food consumption behaviors.

Hepatitis B
Recommended for all unvaccinated persons traveling to or working in countries with intermediate to high levels of endemic HBV transmission (see map), especially those who might be exposed to blood or body fluids, have sexual contact with the local population, or be exposed through medical treatment (e.g., for an accident).

Recommended for all unvaccinated people traveling to or working in East Africa, especially if visiting smaller cities, villages, or rural areas and staying with friends or relatives where exposure might occur through food or water.

Recommended for travelers spending a lot of time outdoors, especially in rural areas, involved in activities such as bicycling, camping, or hiking. Also recommended for travelers with significant occupational risks (such as veterinarians), for long-term travelers and expatriates living in areas with a significant risk of exposure, and for travelers involved in any activities that might bring them into direct contact with bats. Children are considered at higher risk because they tend to play with animals, may receive more severe bites, or may not report bites. Note: Rabies vaccine is temporarily in limited supply. For updates on the rabies vaccine supply, please check the Rabies News and Highlights page regularly.

Recommended for adult travelers who have received a primary series with either inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) or oral polio vaccine (OPV). They should receive another dose of IPV before departure. For adults, available data do not indicate the need for more than a single lifetime booster dose with IPV.

Mr. Kirby should not forget:

Drugs to Prevent Malaria (antimalarial drugs)
If you will be visiting a malaria risk area in Somalia, you will need to take one of the following antimalarial drugs: atovaquone/proguanil, doxycycline, or mefloquine (primaquine in special circumstances and only after G6PD testing).
Note: Chloroquine is NOT an effective antimalarial drug in Somalia and should not be taken to prevent malaria in this region.Malaria risk area in Somalia: All

Now, David, I have had malaria. The first time was when I was 20. It was miserable. I was miserable. I also had a relapse when I was 50. Don't forget to take your pills. You will thank me later.

Just remember, Somalia is a war zone. It is NOT a healthy environment. The US State Department cautions about venturing there.

David, Bon Voyage!

One further comment. What Kirby, et al, are doing with the poor people of Somalia, i.e. using them to further their agenda, disgusts me. The people of Somalia are living in some of the poorest conditions in the world. They are being subjected to war, war where people die, where people are psychologically damaged with PTSD, depression, etc. They are uprooted and forced to leave their homes to protect their families. It is well known that children of the victims of war, e.g. survivors of the Holocaust, develop psychological problems.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is the Age Of Ignorance. Specifically, the ignorance of blogs which refuse to publish views, opinions and criticism of their contents. Censorship disgusts me. I have posted many comments that were critical of the articles and commenters on the Age Of Autism blog, and have had the comments disappear. They are the most notorious of censors.

Thus, AgeOfAutism blog has motived me to create this blog, where I can respond to my hearts content. AoA is written by a cabal of anti-vaccinators, people who I characterize as being pro-infectious disease merchants of disability and death. None of them have ever seen a vaccine that they could not trash for some reason.

What I plan to do is respond to posts on AoA right here. Censorship be damned. When I deem it necessary, I will post their articles here, so that I can comment on them without their censorship. This is fair use.

You may ask why I choose AoA? Fair question. It is infested with the leading woo mongers and purveyors of false theories and treatments regarding Autism and hatred of vaccinations. In my OPINION, it is a cabal of people interested in furthering their own selves, and the truth be damned.

It even has two "newspapermen" in residence. However, in my OPINION, they are not true newspapermen, who cherish the protection of a free press as contained in the First Amendment to our Constitution. When Kathleen Seidel at Neurodiversity was being attacked by an attorney they had to be shamed into commenting. By the time they got around to it, the entire blogosphere had already excoriated that attorney.

Why do I want to enter this cesspool? Simple, I know that vaccination has been one of the most, if not the most, important developments of scientific medicine in the last two hundred years. Yes, sanitation and flush toilets did decrease disease incidence, but, that last stubborn rate of infection was resistant, until killed off by vaccination. My family and I have been affected by what are now vaccine preventable diseases.

My paternal grandparents died in the 1918-1919 worldwide flu pandemic. Two of their children, who would have been my aunts, also died. That left four young boys, with my dad being the oldest at 16, to fend for themselves. My father quit school and went to work along with one of his younger brothers. They raised themselves in the 1920's and suffered during the Depression of the 1930's. All because of a disease which is not vaccine preventable.

I recall that when I attended elementary school in the 1950s there were classmates who did not come back to school in September. One was in an iron lung, whatever that was, and another was going to a school for the deaf. Funny, he was not deaf in June. He had something called the mumps.

In Vietnam I saw people die from many causes. One entire village was infected with plague. Fortunately, we had been vaccinated against it.

In the early 1980's a close friend, a pediatric neurologist, watch as his son's brain was destroyed by what is now a vaccine preventable form of meningitis.

And, it is people who spout the IGNORANCE on AoA that want these diseases to return.

I do reserve the right to decide which posts can be posted here. It is, after all, my blog, and I do not purport to be a newspaper, as AoA does. I will not tolerate certain tactics, e.g., "outing", false characterizations, etc. since these are the tactics of those who censor.

Now, some people might think that I am a paid shill for bigPharma. I wish I were. If it were possible to sign up for their largess, I would. If you know the address where I can apply, please post that address forthwith. Do not stall. If you send me the link and your snail mail address, I'll send you a slice (a small one, but, a slice.)