Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is the Age Of Ignorance. Specifically, the ignorance of blogs which refuse to publish views, opinions and criticism of their contents. Censorship disgusts me. I have posted many comments that were critical of the articles and commenters on the Age Of Autism blog, and have had the comments disappear. They are the most notorious of censors.

Thus, AgeOfAutism blog has motived me to create this blog, where I can respond to my hearts content. AoA is written by a cabal of anti-vaccinators, people who I characterize as being pro-infectious disease merchants of disability and death. None of them have ever seen a vaccine that they could not trash for some reason.

What I plan to do is respond to posts on AoA right here. Censorship be damned. When I deem it necessary, I will post their articles here, so that I can comment on them without their censorship. This is fair use.

You may ask why I choose AoA? Fair question. It is infested with the leading woo mongers and purveyors of false theories and treatments regarding Autism and hatred of vaccinations. In my OPINION, it is a cabal of people interested in furthering their own selves, and the truth be damned.

It even has two "newspapermen" in residence. However, in my OPINION, they are not true newspapermen, who cherish the protection of a free press as contained in the First Amendment to our Constitution. When Kathleen Seidel at Neurodiversity was being attacked by an attorney they had to be shamed into commenting. By the time they got around to it, the entire blogosphere had already excoriated that attorney.

Why do I want to enter this cesspool? Simple, I know that vaccination has been one of the most, if not the most, important developments of scientific medicine in the last two hundred years. Yes, sanitation and flush toilets did decrease disease incidence, but, that last stubborn rate of infection was resistant, until killed off by vaccination. My family and I have been affected by what are now vaccine preventable diseases.

My paternal grandparents died in the 1918-1919 worldwide flu pandemic. Two of their children, who would have been my aunts, also died. That left four young boys, with my dad being the oldest at 16, to fend for themselves. My father quit school and went to work along with one of his younger brothers. They raised themselves in the 1920's and suffered during the Depression of the 1930's. All because of a disease which is not vaccine preventable.

I recall that when I attended elementary school in the 1950s there were classmates who did not come back to school in September. One was in an iron lung, whatever that was, and another was going to a school for the deaf. Funny, he was not deaf in June. He had something called the mumps.

In Vietnam I saw people die from many causes. One entire village was infected with plague. Fortunately, we had been vaccinated against it.

In the early 1980's a close friend, a pediatric neurologist, watch as his son's brain was destroyed by what is now a vaccine preventable form of meningitis.

And, it is people who spout the IGNORANCE on AoA that want these diseases to return.

I do reserve the right to decide which posts can be posted here. It is, after all, my blog, and I do not purport to be a newspaper, as AoA does. I will not tolerate certain tactics, e.g., "outing", false characterizations, etc. since these are the tactics of those who censor.

Now, some people might think that I am a paid shill for bigPharma. I wish I were. If it were possible to sign up for their largess, I would. If you know the address where I can apply, please post that address forthwith. Do not stall. If you send me the link and your snail mail address, I'll send you a slice (a small one, but, a slice.)


  1. Mssrs. Kirby and Olmsted are paid advocates for anti-vaccine activists. And though they wrap themselves in the respectability of science, and the credibility of journalist, that only doubles their fraud.

  2. The question I often ask myself when I read one of their postings, is just who is paying them? Where does the money come from?

  3. They're pharma-shills, of course. AoA's main sponsor is Lee Silsby compounding pharmacy. Sure they sell everything from B12 injections to chelation drugs but it's still a pharmacy. Last time I checked, that means they sell pharmaceuticals made by pharmaceutical companies.

  4. they are PharmaShills according to notHG. I am SHOCKED, I say, SHOCKED. How can their lemmings, oops, I meant minions, support them? I thought that all PharmaShills are evil.

  5. Kirby and Olmsted are paid by BigPharma to discredit anti-vaccine activists with their clueless "crusading muckrakers" schtick.

  6. " they are PharmaShills according to notHG. I am SHOCKED, I say, SHOCKED. How can their lemmings, oops, I meant minions, support them? I thought that all PharmaShills are evil."

    No, just you guys.

    You should name your site Age of Hypocrisy since I know you'll censor this post, too

  7. It seems that Nun is a bit upset with me. Good.

    Nun, you imply that I ma a PharmaShill but did not mention where I can sign up for their largesse. Please, please, pretty please, send me the address. I send you your cut. I promise.

    By the way, if you keep posting these stupid comments, like PharmaShills, etc. I can see no useful purpose to allowing you to comment here. Remember, this is my BLOG, not a PseudoNewsPaper like AoA

  8. "Nun, you imply that I ma a PharmaShill but did not mention where I can sign up for their largesse."

    And yet you turn around and accuse me and the people at AoA of being the very same thing. DuhProbe (and I'm pretty darn sure that is you), do you even know the definition of hypocrisy? The southern term for it is "Talking the talk without walking the walk." You whine and snivel about how you aren't allowed to express your opposing and rude viewpoints about your beliefs, but then turn around and do the exact same thing to posters who oppose your viewpoint. You and your ilk are nothing but cowards, bullies and hypocrites.

  9. Nun, I am satirizing AoA in what I do to point out to people like you what you have supported. The fact that YOU do not see it speaks volumes.

    If you think what I am doing is hypocritical, then what is AoA doing? It I am worng, then they have to be wrong, too. Where are YOUR complaints to them about censorship, bullying, outing, litigating threats, etc?

    If there is ANY hypocrisy, I suggest a cheap mirror for you.

  10. My comments have been censored on AoA as well, and they know my stance on it, DuhProbe. But, the fact that you claim to be a "Free Speaker," and then whine and complain about not being able to express your viewpoint on AoA, then censor any viewpoint on your site that believes differently does, indeed, show that you are a hypocrite. I have done no such thing. Keep it up, DuhProbe; every time you post one of your libelous and childish rants, you show everyone just how much of a moron you are.

  11. Your childish use of DuhProbe, etc. is noted. Makes it real hard to hear anything afterwards.

    So far, only one comment, yours, has been squashed. As for your non-recognition of your hypocrisy, it was expected.

    As for libelous, hardly. I am excercising fair comment on people who freely chose to be public figures. Anti-vaccinators just hate to be criticized.