Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Jake's on You

In a very feeble attempt at mimicking Paul Offit's upcoming blockbuster, which will out sell the Age of Autism fictional history book, Joke Crosby, the Bouy Wonder of the AoA Collective, has published an article today which is, as usual, just poorly researched and bereft of logic.

I thought that a comment was appropriate, and I left it for Jake to moderate. IOW, I do not expect to see it ever again.

If Jake reads this, let me give him some advice:
  1. Spend more time studying
  2. Spend some time trying to find some young ladies to keep you company.
  3. Take a course in logic.
  4. Get a clue.
Jake, one day you will be looking for a real job within your major. If they find your posts, you will be among the chronically underemployed.

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